7:07 PM

Wedding Website now listed!

I’m coming back home from working weekly in San Francisco.

As promised previously, I’ve added the wedding website for myself and my wife to the archive. It was a lot of fun to build and crazy to think that I did so about two years ago now!

11:10 PM

Archive Updated

Despite the busy nature of my job recently, I’ve recently switched hosts for the site and moved everything over and stitched everything back together. During the process, I updated a lot of links that became broken after Whisper went down – including adding Whisper itself to the archive.

I’ve already given the archive as a whole its own subdomain tonight, too. I plan to do a lot more with Whisper’s archive, including the option to log in as a moderator and/or administrator and see what can be done with the website, as well as cleaning out some unnecessary information from the site.

More site updates will be coming soon, as well. I plan to add the wedding websites I’ve created to the web archive, and add information about a special, private app I created to my app portfolio.

5:23 PM

Whisper Games – Postmortem

Whisper Games will be shutting down on March 9th, 2013 – this is my personal reflection on the experiences I went through and the things I witnessed within this adventure.

Whisper Games - Newest Logo

Whisper Games Logo

In 2008, Sarsion and I gave life to Whisper Game Studios, a web-driven collaborative effort (read: not a company) to learn about, and make, video games. It started with the two of us. We pulled in a few friends for help in other departments and got going with a few flash games to bring in a community. It was a very enjoyable time, and we certainly were put through the ropes in the process.

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