7:07 PM

Wedding Website now listed!

I’m coming back home from working weekly in San Francisco.

As promised previously, I’ve added the wedding website for myself and my wife to the archive. It was a lot of fun to build and crazy to think that I did so about two years ago now!

11:10 PM

Archive Updated

Despite the busy nature of my job recently, I’ve recently switched hosts for the site and moved everything over and stitched everything back together. During the process, I updated a lot of links that became broken after Whisper went down – including adding Whisper itself to the archive.

I’ve already given the archive as a whole its own subdomain tonight, too. I plan to do a lot more with Whisper’s archive, including the option to log in as a moderator and/or administrator and see what can be done with the website, as well as cleaning out some unnecessary information from the site.

More site updates will be coming soon, as well. I plan to add the wedding websites I’ve created to the web archive, and add information about a special, private app I created to my app portfolio.

5:23 PM

Whisper Games – Postmortem

Whisper Games will be shutting down on March 9th, 2013 – this is my personal reflection on the experiences I went through and the things I witnessed within this adventure.

Whisper Games - Newest Logo

Whisper Games Logo

In 2008, Sarsion and I gave life to Whisper Game Studios, a web-driven collaborative effort (read: not a company) to learn about, and make, video games. It started with the two of us. We pulled in a few friends for help in other departments and got going with a few flash games to bring in a community. It was a very enjoyable time, and we certainly were put through the ropes in the process.

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9:01 AM

Update on Messaging Emoticons

Today, a small update to Messaging Emoticons was certified for the marketplace that adds the ability to pin entire messages to the start screen and the option to change pin behavior to open in the app instead of copying instantly. It should be available on the marketplace soon!

I also learned today via an article on WPCentral that Windows Phone 8 has fantastic emoticon support on the keyboard.That is definitely great news! The downside is that Messaging Emoticons won’t likely have much of a use-case on new handsets. I will, of course, evaluate this decision more thoroughly when I have a phone that runs Windows Phone 8, but for the time being, it seems as though Messaging Emoticons doesn’t really need to support WP8 as it’s no longer necessary.

I will say, though…the video below shows the emoticon keyboard filtering by category and including a “favorites” category that showcases your most-used emoticons. It may be a coincidence, but it certainly reminds me of the experience I offered through Messaging Emoticons!

Regardless, the app update should be available very soon for those of you sporting Windows Phone 7.5+ devices, and it’ll still be useful in those cases! Be on the lookout!

8:29 AM

SSP Energy Advisor: August 2012

It’s been a while since I have posted any updates. I apologize for that! I’ve been busy. I got married in July, and planning both before and after has been occupying most of my time. Life is great!

It’s time again for the monthly Energy Advisor from SSP Innovations. It’s another great issue this month. If you work in GIS and haven’t subscribed, be sure to do so! Links to the articles are below.

My article this month was the last article on that list. It’s my first non-script article at SSP, and documents a system I built for one of our clients that is designed for scalability to other configurations and even more complicated systems. Give it a read if you have the chance! You can view the list of every published article if you’d like to browse.

7:06 PM

Media Coverage

WPCentral, a site I frequently visit and one of the largest Windows Phone communities out there, published an article highlighting Messaging Emoticons. Take a look at the article here:

Many thanks to Rafael Rivera for the coverage and help with higher-quality source images for emoticons, which were able to make it into my 1.1 update published last month. This article has also helped the app reach other news sites who have given the app their own look. Here’s another article about Messaging Emoticons from WPXBOX.

The app has also been selected as one of the winners to Nokia’s “App’y New Year” contest. Thank you to Nokia and Microsoft for the new Lumia 800. It’s a very nice phone, if anyone’s in the market for an upgrade. As is the Lumia 900 coming out soon.

6:57 PM

SSP Energy Advisor: February 2012

The February issue of the GIS e-zine Energy Advisor has been released! In addition to its normal articles, this information also contains information about our new hires and the upcoming conferences that SSP Innovations will be attending. I will be at TUG (Telvent User Group) later this month with four others from SSP. One of the articles this month focuses on maximizing time spent at TUG.

Published by SSP Innovations, Energy Advisor contains contributions by the entire staff pertaining to GIS concepts, scripts, tools, and general articles.

The article is sent via email, though you can view it online or simply see a list of every published article.

I’ve been in the habit of using ArcFM’s IMMConfigTopLevel interface to automate a lot of previously-tedious tasks. It keeps coming in handy, so I keep writing scripts for it! This month, I show you how to set ArcFM properties programatically. If GIS is your hobby or passion, be sure to read and subscribe! The subscription form exists at the bottom of SSP’s About Us page.

9:15 AM

Messaging Emoticons: Update Available

An update has been released this morning to the Messaging Emoticons app for Windows Phone. This update is strictly related to content, adding a few additional emoticons I missed on my first run, and drastically improving the quality of the emoticon images.

A big thanks to WPCentral for the high-quality emoticon images.

The update should be hitting your phones later today. Enjoy, rate, review, and let me know what you think!

2:40 AM

Messaging Emoticons has been released!

I’ve considered myself a Windows Phone developer for a while. Ever since I decided to take the leap to Windows Phone, I’ve become quite the fan of the platform. I’ve followed developer blogs, downloaded the tools, and been to developer camps, but until now, I’ve never released a Windows Phone app. Or a mobile app at all, for that matter.

Messaging Emoticons fills a relatively untouched market on this ecosystem by creating a sort of quick-reference guide for all of the emoticons (“emoji”) that Windows Phone offers its users. There are just over 100 available emoticons, and they work when Windows Phone users send them to either Windows Live Messenger friends or other Windows Phone users. When I started the app, there were no complete references to this. Over that time, a few blogs were release on the Windows Phone Developer blog detailing some of the emoticons available, but still no app reference.

So I gave the masses what they needed, and created a complex emoticon reference app. It features two modes. “Compose View” allows you to type a message and insert emoticons into it on the fly without ever losing the on-screen keyboard, and “Copy Mode” shows more emoticons for a quick keyboard copy. In addition to copying emoticons, the app can copy messages into new, unaddressed messages.

But that’s not all. Emoticons are sorted by category, so users can filter emoticons by category for easy reference, and even save a new category to load when the app starts. There’s also a favorites category that users can control themselves. A context menu appears when a user holds his or her finger on any emoticon. From there, the user can add or remove the emoticon from their favorites, copy it, or pin it as a live tile (where the user can tap on it for a quick copy without ever having to see the main page of the app).

For more information, view my new apps page.

Messaging Emoticons is ad-supported and is available now for free in the Windows Phone marketplace. An update will be available soon with higher-resolution images and a few additional emoticons.

Download to Windows Phone

12:54 AM

Hello again, world!

The third iteration of this site brings with it a large amount of additional content, as a blog has been integrated into the site! This blog will contain updates of my endeavors, and perhaps my opinions and/or coverage of pertinent tech events.

Since my last update, I’ve really gotten into my job as a GIS software consultant at SSP Innovations, so I’ve added a “GIS” link to the left side. That option goes right to the SSP Innovations website, but I will also occasionally blog here about GIS articles I write or GIS events I attend.

I’ve also left Whisper (in good hands) and shifted my personal time focus toward app development for Windows Phone. There is now an app section available for your enjoyment!