Web Portfolio

Whisper Game Studios


Whisper was one of my first independent web ventures, and one that I am very proud of. Its first permanent domain was at susurration.net, and it later added whispergamestudios.com.

Whisper was a cloud-based startup project intended to allow asipiring entrants to the video game industry from around the globe to be able to work together and create games.

Whisper was redesigned for its second anniversary on November 11, 2010. I completely rewrote the site from the ground up using object-oriented PHP concepts. The site was very complex, offering recent and overall high score systems for minigames, a vast array of user medals that unlock based on site criteria, a vast backend CMS for both volunteers (managing project pages and employment) and administrators (site management). Features for users don't lack in substance, either, with a full range of custom-made forums, comments, user customization, blogs, and post tools to work with.

While the site was a personal project, I began allowing others to improve it, beginning only with graphic touches by Whisper's artists and designers. Though Whisper is no more, the site archive still stands as a testament to what I had spent so much time to build.

Corey and Chelley's Wedding


It had been a while since I had built a large, personal website from the ground up, but when I proposed to the woman who is now my wife, I decided that a wedding website would not be right for me unless I made it.

The wedding party page has been de-listed for now due to personal reasons, but everything else is still up from when we were still engaged. The countdown began counting up as soon as we were married without any necessary changes, and now it's been a year and counting!

The dynamic guestbook was great, but the best part of the site was the online RSVP function. With every invite came a four-digit code that could be visited on the website (coreyandchelley.com/XXXX - QR code was also included) that allowed that particular guest to confirm their last name and have their guest information auto-filled for them! This helped us sort things out immensely, and we had an easily sortable database of RSVPs and invitees in the backend that we could easily sort through.

This turned out to be a great and very successful project that benefitted me personally! I've gone on to use the framework for other wedding websites.

Once archived, I will work on changing the code so that viewers can demo the RSVP functionality.

Monfort College of Business


While I went to school at UNC, I worked as a web developer for the Monfort College of Business. At the business school, I was able to refine and develop my abilities and dive deep into the world of Coldfusion, my first server-side web technology.

While here, I worked with 1-2 other developers, building new and innovative content for both the website and the digital signage across the building.

MCB's website is dynamic and database-driven, down to the navigation structure. Its content includes a backend CMS for faculty and staff, a dynamic jQuery news feed, dynamic images based on schedules and times of the day, and many other complex features. The site utilizes Adobe Coldfusion and received many updates over the course of my four years there.

Travis Hastings


TravisHastings.com was built in the two-week interim between my job search and the start of my job as a software consultant. It was intended to be lightweight, using Javascript to pull from existing services like Google Calendar, Twitter, and Blogspot in lieu of a content management system. This allowed the website to be built much more quickly and with purely HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

The website's look is definitely one of the brightest and best design schemes I have come up with.

Flod Perfekt


Flod Perfekt was a local band in Colorado. Their site was hosted via SSP Innovations and existed before I took over the content.

After the original guitar player left the band, I was asked to step in. I redesigned the entire site, adding upcoming events, a set list, a clean layout, and various other changes.

The site has been taken offline since, as the band has broken up. It is still stored here in the archives.

100 Hour Challenge


I was asked to build 100 Hour Challenge in a very quick timespan before the holiday season began in 2010. It was a very quick project that encouraged members of a church worship team to practice songs for a special Christmas recital. Members could enter their hours into the form and the thermometer graphic was updated.

While this was a very quick project - started and finished within days - it fit the bill and worked perfectly for the client.

Strip Extended Unicode Tool

One of the forums I used to frequently visit had released an update forbidding users to post messages if those messages contained any extended unicode characters. I created this script so that users could simply filter out extended unicode so their messages would be posted correctly.

During my stay at this website, I also created a custom Firefox theme and over 13 Greasemonkey scripts to change the look and feel of the site, starting a customization revolution in the forums. These scripts are now defunct, however, since the layout of the target website has changed numerous times since the development of the scripts.